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Welcome and Hello! I'm Valencia Sims, Executive Virtual Assistant and CEO at V-Source Office & Marketing LLC. I collaborate with Entrepreneurs and Professionals on ways to improve their Business and Career. On this Corporate Blog, visitors can learn more About us and the Services we provide; our Clients and the Causes we care about.


April 16, 2020

Virtually Leading the Way for Your Business

As a Management Consultant Firm, V-Source Office & Marketing supports Entrepreneurs and Professionals by implementing business and marketing plans and strategies that sustain profitability - through reprioritizing and repositioning’s at times - as a company, our main concern isn’t about sales quotas or numbers - it’s about our clients well-being. Our messages have never been about us - we’re focused on our clients ( their clients ) and prospects, and always seeking ways we can provide solutions to business challenges.

January 20, 2020

PR: Feed an Orphan World Organization

Volunteer Organization - Feed an Orphan World in partnership with V-Source Office & Marketing LLC will provide meals to Orphans where the need is greatest, worldwide.

Orphans are an extremely vulnerable demographic within humanity that faces hunger in the midst of abandonment, despair and poverty.

By raising awareness and funds for this cause, voluntary donations will go directly towards providing one meal at a time to hungry Orphans.

Feed an Orphan World has a monthly goal to inspire Entrepreneurs to join in our mission to inspire hope to Orphans facing the hunger struggle - by feeding them. 


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The Welfare of Children and Poverty Elimination are Causes close to our Heart.